Robotic simulation and programming

Flexibility and performance on all axes

Driven by the technology evolution, the robots become more self-aware and can now be implemented in human/robot collaborative environments. IT trends like the IoT along with new standards in communication are unfolding towards a new Industrial revolution, or shortly Industry 4.0.

In future automation scenarios robots are seen as the core part of many integrations because of the benefits they bring through flexibility, ease of programming and reusability.

We use software technologies supplied by Tecnomatix Siemens, to create production scenarios and validate the concept of our automation solutions, further developing from complex simulations to robot offline programming and line simulation. Robot simulation and programming comes then as a basic language for the future of automation, and we are proud to speak it.


Who we are:

iRMS is a Romanian based company on a journey to create smart solutions in the Industrial Automation and Automotive Body in White branches


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